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My Escape

Hey all! Late night posting again!! The bf stole my computer all morning, so i had to wait! The things you do for love eh?! lol
You know like everyone has one of those sims they like to go to that just makes them feel at peace? no? haha well i have one.. I will have to do a proper blog on it soon.. but this is it in the picture.. I will promise i will show it off more soon! A wee bit of fashion for you too, I must try to get to sleep now, (bet i’m still awake at 3am lol) I have my art class tomorrow last one ūüė¶ minus our exhibition and trip thingy lol anyway waffling on.. enjoy ‚ô•

My Escape

Hair:  Rain or Shine Wild Fusion Exile @ The Arcade Gacha
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel 
Top: Latex bandeau set Рwhite Sassy @ Whore Couture
Pants:  Smexy High Waist Pants Snow Le Forme @ Whore Couture

Location: Annwn Willows

Somewhere in my dreams…

Hey all.. Bit of different kinda picture today, i like to express my moods sometimes though art i guess, I know am not one to talk alot of personal stuff on here or in general really, i tend to keep my emotions to myself words wise, but recently i have a certain issue in my life and i guess last night it took its toll on me, and i proper cried lol.. let it all out.. ¬†but i feel better now, and you know a good cry can bring some clarity sometimes, so i got it out my system, and i’m ready to carry on.. No whining from me! Just time to regroup and carry on! ¬†Enjoy the picture it has more personal meaning i guess.. but i have cute clothes too! haha ‚ô•

Somewhere in my dreams...

Hair: Road Magika
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel @ Futurewave
Earrings: Feather 2 Gacha Tabou Irresistible
Tattoo 1: Dreamcatcher SLink hand Taox
Tattoo 2: Heart Slinks Feet PMS  @ Thrift Shop
Top: Sweet-Top Lace Michigan A&C @ Fi*Friday
Pants: Bell Bottom Jeans Insight @ SL Fashion week
Companions: The Fate Companions Wimey @ The Genre

Location: Annwn Willows 

For the love of Mollie… A post for animal lovers.

Hey all Sorry i have not been around for a couple of days.. I have to say good bye to my baby my cat, My Mollie so even today is more an outlet for my grief than a normal blog post! I know too many u may think its just a cat but to me she was so much more and i think today i wanna spend some time to remember and tell you why she means so much to me!

so here goes iam sure i will cry, lol

We found Mollie when she was already a good few months old, in a box outside my parents neighbours house, me and my partner at the time had just moved for the first time into our own place, my mum already had a house full of pets 5 dogs 3 cats so it was decieded we would take her home.. she was so loving right from the start we just had this bond me and her.. she would sit in my arms like a big baby.. unfortunatly at around that time i wasnt in the best mental health, and suffered at nervous break down.. and my relationship dissolved iam sure partly for that reason and partly cause we just grew apart we were 25 ish and had been together since i was 18

I fell into depression,due to my nervous breakdown and childhood I didnt wanna speak to anyone, i didnt wanna go out unless it was to get totally wasted. sometimes i wouldnt see another person for 2 weeks apart from a shop keepers.. and without my partner i had hardly any money.. Mollie i dk it was just me and her and mags her “lil sister” we got to keep her company if we did go out etc… some days i would only get up to look after the cats being an indoor cat they relied on me Mollie would sit with me always snuggled up like the big baby she was purring away if i got upset its like she knew and would come up to me nudge me like to tell me its ok In the winter i had lack of heating in the house, so mollie would either limb in the covers with me or sleep on top of me like she keeping us both warmer with mags sleeping on the end .. mags is not a cuddle cat.. she is scatty lol i dont think mollie would of ever allowed her anway.. she was defo the boss Mollie got me though those times, she was there when i felt like i had no one.. iam alot better than i was back then.. but without her iam sure it would of been alot harder there is other things in my life that i have been though also.. i could sit here and tell you all but we would be here all day.. the point is during all those times – its always been mollie there to cuddle and let me know its ok..

In real life, both with my ex partner and now my current partner i have tried to have kids, and so far i haven’t had any success – maybe one day i will.. thats a different story for another day BUT.. when i say mollie was my baby she really was – i babyfied her and she loved it she was smart really smart.. its hard to explain in words.. even my partner now loved her so much..he was a blubbering wreck yesterday even only beening in rl with her for just over a year you just help but love her she was special.. she kept me going in some of my darkest times along with maggie

Yesterday was so hard, but she had become so ill, I was having to hand feed her, she was half the size she was just dribbling and crying.. we did all we could for her.. i wish i was rich i would put her in the animal hospital and told them to make her better but at £200 a night it just wasnt an option we tried all the meds we possiblity could but they had no effect on her.. I had to make that descion.. it wasnt fair to keep her in pain.. she wasnt the same cat she just wanted to hide away.. and mollie would wanna sit and cuddle at any given chance the night before we cuddled in bed for the last time, she was purring away.. she couldnt stay all night she started to feel to ill but we had a good couple of hours in the place she loved best cuddled with mummy in the covers watching tv.. I told the vet i was holding when she was out to sleep no matter what but she was good she just cuddled up with her paws on my shoulder and her head resting on me.. as she feel asleep she purred softy.. I told her i was there for her and now she will feel better and i will always love my cat that in the 6 years of her life just loved and looked after me so well i was being strong holdin myself together for her, but as i felt her go i couldnt hold it in anymore and i think the whole vets might of heard me cry I just cuddled her and gave her one last kiss and let her go.. I will never forget her, she did more for me than she will ever know

Maggie seems ok, but iam sure she is wondering where her big sister is.. she looks a bit confused but she always looks abit like that lol I love both my cats the same i really do and mags also has been there for me in her own way she just isnt as babyfied as mollie she is wayyyy to scatty to sit still and cuddle she like her own space, but she will always say her hellos and has her own funny ways i havent been to the bathroom alone in 5 years lol

Mollie you was a one in million, you was special and it would be impossible to ever replace you.. ur loving nature was unique I will Miss you forever i still dont quite believe ur gone it doesnt feel completely real yet.. I miss those cuddles you gave like no one else in the world can give me you was my best friend, my daughter, and my cat all in one.. I will love you forever – we recused each other x

Mollie <3 RIP and Maggie Sisters always <3

¬†Horsie, Maggie May & Millie “Mollie” Mandie

Some fashion? not a work of art or anything big today though, Today is about the words ūüėõ ¬†lol


Hair: Sissy Naturals Hat with hair (colour change) – Tameless ( i have now named this the mollie hat!)
Top: Dope Top Sheer Leo Le Forme @ Silicone
Pants: [Bootie Jeans] Brown Phat azz Miss Canning
Boots: Lauren Wedge Boots -Charcoal League

Pose: Kiera Purple poses

Location: Annwn Willows

Sail away


Hair: Glamorous – Exile
Skin: Chloe 2 – :Sugar:
Make up: Model 101 – Pink Acid
Freakles & Moles: Hiatus
Nails: Mess rings – UtopiaH
Top: Future outfit cream- Pink Sugah
Shorts: Isia Jeans Short – Cheetah Cynful @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Pose: label motion
Location: Annwn Willows

This picture is below is first entry for the shoptopia contest, go like it.. if you do ūüėõ
Shoes: Holbrookz Shoes – 2real

Shoetopia Entry 1 2013 - Skyla Tunwarm

Imma do me


Hair:  CheyenneTruth
Chloe 2:Sugar:
Candy Glass Lip Gloss 6 Pack Pink Acid
Cute as a Button Antlers [Raspberry] – Half deer
Pink Fusion piercing –¬†Hebenon Vial
Wing Piercings –¬†Cute poison
Moonie Tattoo РFappy @ Thrift Shop 2  (9th Aug)
Cutie Nails Р Room of AMO 
My Cheeky leo Set ( Barbie) L!ke @ Bewbapalooza
90s denim set greyPaper bag @ She & him
Mary Janes part of School Girl Outfit Charcoal/pink Gatherings  @ Bewbapalooza 

Pose: Lizzy РDemise of Flight @ She & him

Location: Annwn Willows