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This little Piggy

Hai all, Sorry for the quick post today, Busy but i want to try keep on track, i do want to be a bit more inspired with my pictures, i feel its lacking at the moment so i do apologize.. Summer is distracting me maybe lol.. idk .. I really admire people who manage to be super artistic every time, I have to have super surge of inspiration to do better pics, but i guess for blog pictures as long as the product is clear thats what is important right?

I haven’t worked on the actual proper photography side for a while now.. i guess it cause i like to be real good, and i will never be as good as some, i know that’s not what important as long as i enjoy it and do best i can that’s all that matters but meh.. it’s ok just typing as i think lol

Anyway dont worry about my waffle,

I love this whole outfit, Simple but cute no? The Hair (Pr!tty), Dress (Fishy Strawberry)  & Shoes (gacha) (Amala) are all @ The Chapter Four right now 😀

Added a splash of colour with earrings from Ben’s Beauty

Poses: {Curve.it} 

Location: Done wiv a Twist Estate

This little Piggy