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A Siesta

Hello all! I sure as heck have missed blogging for our viewers! Well I have some news that may bum our dedicated viewers out but rest assure it is NOT the end of us. As most know, my laptop graphics crapped out on me thus causing me not to be on SL and the inability to take pics and blog. Skyla lost her father and has given her an epiphany to not spend as much time behind a computer, but rather spend time with those she cherishes most..which is her family. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the virtual world that we tend to lose focus on the miniscule but important things in life. Regardless of the fact that I could no longer be on SL, I decided to keep the land open to the public for as long as I could. With all of these transpiring events in RL for Skyla, myself, and our partners with the DWAT, it is in our best interest that we close the place down until we can all find our happy medium again. Our goal was to at least stay open past a year, and we have done that. So yes while it may be melancholy, we are overjoyed to have experienced this project with you all. As I said, while we may be closing and not blogging for a while, we WILL be back again. We thank each and every one of you for your kind words, activity,photos,and support. If we didn’t have you all as a driving force, we wouldn’t be thinking of coming back at all. I have so much to give into SL as far as creativity, I’m just dealing with roadblocks..I think we all are. Until then folks, we bid you adieu.

                     ❤ Saxxy/Skyla and the DWAT Team

P.S. I will be jotting down the names of folks still in the group so whenever we come back, we will re-add you all without having to pay a group fee. 🙂



New Theme – Done wiv a Twist Estate

Just to let you all know that our latest theme is now open to the public!

Here just a small sneak peek, Lots more to see inworld!!  Check it out! 😀

Done wiv a Twist Estate

New theme - Done wiv a Twist Estate

New theme - Done wiv a Twist Estate

Done Wiv a Twist Winter Contest Winners!

Congrats to the winners! Your photos were selected among 5 judges and received the highest scores! We would like to thank everyone who entered the contest! Our next giveaway will be in February for the Maitreya Body(for women) Fatewear GC (for men). All you have to do is be part of the group! (One time fee is 50l for rezzing rights,future randoms giveaways,raffles, and to keep the trolls away) Winners go as follows:

1st: Rainbow Mubble

13.12.14 - Oh My Deer! (DWAT Winter Photo Contest)

2nd: Roy Mildor

DWAT Winter Contest

3rd: Tamarind Silverfall

DWAT Wnter Contest

Notable Mention: Funky Neox

Congrats and your prizes are on their way!

❤ Done Wiv a Twist Team

Time to Say Goodbye to 2014

Merry Christmas

Well you all, Skyla and I are officially done blogging for the year of 2014. We need a break hehe! We are so grateful for all the wondrous accomplishments we have fulfilled this year. We surely hope that you have enjoyed our posts and our land that we have open for the public, if it were not for the viewers and support, I think we would have called it quits long ago. We will continue to work hard and bring you all warm smiles whenever you see or hear our brand. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Skyla & Saxxy are wearing:

All clothing worn is part of the Inspiration Point Hunt which the starting point can be found here

Additional Info:


Hair: Aspen in Brown(Group Gift)-Truth(must be a subscriber)

Makeup and Skin Can be found under Everyday Wear

Shoes: A-Solo Snow Boots in Cement-Flite@The Arcade


Hair: Malibu in Browns-Truth

Eyes: Hope Eyes in Denim-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeshadow comes with skin

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Nick(Lips Only)-MUA@Couturier Dock’s

Sign: {signs of winter}Dear Winter – RARE-.mien.@Liaison Collaborative(35l per play)

Shoes: Glitter Partition Pumps in Silver-Reign

Location: Done Wiv a Twist

Photo Contest

Done wiv a Twist Winter Photo Contest!!

Hello everyone!
It is definitely that time again to do another photo contest! It doesn’t matter whether it is a raw or photoshopped pic, just as long as it is not “too” photoshopped. It does need to be taken at the land, but what is the catch?
You have to take the picture with a friend, group, favorite type of animal, or basically have something or someone in the picture with you that has a special meaning.
If you would like to write why they are special, that would be lovely as well!
The Done Wiv a Twist Team WILL be the judges this round.
We have tried our best to give you all up to date and adorable or pretty things to work with on the land.
Prizes are as follows:
1st Place: 2,500l
2nd Place:1500l
3rd Place:500l
One Entry per person!
Deadline is Jan 2nd and judging will follow afterwards.
We will also feature your photos on our Flickr & FB group profile and cover’s…
with permission of course
Our FLickr Group:
Land LM:…/Needing%20Point/…/89/22
If you have any questions, contact Serenityj8705 Resident Serenity Cortez or Skyla Tunwarm. Skyla Tunwarm

Done wiv a Twist Estate News :D

Hey all, So Halloween has come and gone, we have taken down our haunted area, the Autumn part remains and Saxx (she deserves the credit for this) came up with this beautiful whimsical type scene, next month will be changing completely for winter so make sure you check out this area while you can, though some elements we may take into winter with us  Your Ride! 

Done wiv a Twist Estate

The Sinners

Hello all, We have two special pictures today, Saxx and i both took one each, after enjoying our candy fair photo shoot together with Ema we decieded to do another halloween themed one, we all took a picture which i personally love to see everyone’s different take on the same scene, the out come of mine and Saxxy’s are below, Ema’s Pic and Details here 😀
The Dresses are free and you get every version fyi 😀

Sending lots of get well soon thoughts to the Gman aka Turtle ❤


The Sinners

Saxxy’s Look:

Skin: Joy (The Dressing Room Special Skin) in Peach-Pink Acid@TDR

Shape: My Own

Hair: Kat Mesh Hair in Black Coffee-Wasabi Pills@The Seasons Story

Eyes: Anniversary Eyes in Pumpkin(Gift)-Umeboshi@The Seasons Story

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Makeup-Pink Acid

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Lipcolor in Sweet Nectar-Hush 

Accessories: Naughty Neck Line “Pumpkin” Rare-KOtic@Urban United Halloween Event

Happy Halloween Headband(gift)-Zenith@The Seasons Story

Hex Dermal/Piercing in Pentagram Black RARE-Hollyweird@Urban United Halloween Event

Dress: Puffy Dress in Black/Emerald(Free)-Tee*fy@HavenHallow

Shoes: Leather Platform T-Bar Pumps in Black-Belgravia


The Sinners - Happy Halloween

Skyla’s look:

Hair: Suffragette Little Bones
Skin: Sky II America Glam Affair (Sept Arcade)
Eye Make up:  Eyeshadow Glamorous Black Mons
Lips Make up: Exotic Ethnic Lips Orange Pink Acid
Headband: Batty Head Bands (Hallows Eve) Gacha Forever Young
Necklace:  Bat Wings Necklace Pure Poison
Ring 1: Glitter Bat Ring PopTart
Ring 2: Steampunk / Punk ring PMS – Pimp my shit
Dress: Puffy Dress in Pumpkin(Free) Tee*fy HavenHallow
Shoes: Sadistic Heels (cross)  Forever Young

Witch:  Witch Statue Orange Rare Unborn Soul@ Halloween Blackout
Devil: Walking Halloween Kids (hoodman) DLab

Welcome to the Candy Shop

Hello everyone! Get prepared to have a toothache or fulfill your sweet tooth cause the Candy Fair is officially open! We decided to bring you all some tasty treats today from several people who have done an awesome job to bring you all some of the cutest goodies! We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting the looks together! Keep in mind there are gacha machines and two sims full of goodies. Keep your script count to a minimum or you will be kicked out!

Remember, today is the last day to join the photo contest on Flickr…so go to the land take a shot of your favorite piece and submit it. Thank you all for your continuous support!

Sweet hugs from Ema, Saxxy, and Skyla!

Candy Fair

Looks go from your left to right:


Hair: Lollipop Pr!tty @ Candy Fair
Face: Candy make up star Orange Angelica @ Candy Fair (Gacha)
Skin: Sky II America Glam Affair (Sept Arcade)
Top: Simple Shirt Kuki (pattern) Moon Amore @ Candy Fair
Romper: Romper Kuki Denim Moon Amore @ Candy Fair
Shoes: Bubble Gum Heel Tentacio @ Candy Fair
Bag: Sugum Rare Moon Amore @ Candy Fair (Gum in Rare pack also) (gacha)
Phone: Alpacandy Celly Purple Rasberryinc @ Candy Fair (gacha)
Knee Pads: Crew Armor Lollipop Pixicat @ Candy Fair


Skin: Sia in Asia-Glam Affair
Accessories:Glossy Lip Highlights 3D-Izzie’s
Vixen-Truth @ Uber
Kat Brows in Light Blonde-Soiree
Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri
Soft Candy Frosting Headband
Gob Stopper Bubblegum Ice Cream Clutch Pink RARE-Pink Acid(Gacha) @ The Candy Fair
Candy Ring in Grape-Pr!tty@The Candy Fair
Inspired Heart Necklace in Silver
Cotton Candy RARE-Ariskea @ The Candy Fair
Clothing: Simple Shirt(Kuki edition) and Kuki Romper-Moon Amore @ The Candy Fair
Shoes: Cake Pumps-9ty


Headband: Pr!tty – Gumdrop ears – SUPER RARE (candy fair item)
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Marise – Reds
Eyes: AVELINE – Doll – XL – Pink – Iris – Large
Lipstick: {Tilly} Red
Skin: Essences – Harper – Light Rose
Earrings: [CX] Nyam – Berry + Brown (candy fair item)
Necklace: Bowtique – Strawberry – Gold (part of set)
Bracelet: {PixelGeek} Donut – Pink (part of a set)
Top & Romper: :Moon Amore: Simple shirt Kuki Edition & Kuki Romper (candy fair item)
Tights: Izzie’s – White
Socks: *katat0nik* Red/Pink Striped
Shoes: NS – High Converse Boots – Red

Pose: Candy Crew Pose-Ridic@The Candy Fair

Reopened today, Done wiv a Twist Estate Autumn!

We have moved, so its bigger and better (we hope) our Autumn / Halloween themed sim is now open for you guys to take pictures, just hang out, or take a look! Done wiv a Twist Estate Autumn!

Reopened Today - Done wiv a Twist Estate! Autumn!

Reopened Today - Done wiv a Twist Estate! Autumn!

Why Don't You Join Us for a Spell


Last day of Summer – Done wiv a Twist Estate






Url here (comments for flickr lol)Done wiv a Twist Estate - Last day of Summer

Url here (comments for flickr lol)