A Siesta

Hello all! I sure as heck have missed blogging for our viewers! Well I have some news that may bum our dedicated viewers out but rest assure it is NOT the end of us. As most know, my laptop graphics crapped out on me thus causing me not to be on SL and the inability to take pics and blog. Skyla lost her father and has given her an epiphany to not spend as much time behind a computer, but rather spend time with those she cherishes most..which is her family. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the virtual world that we tend to lose focus on the miniscule but important things in life. Regardless of the fact that I could no longer be on SL, I decided to keep the land open to the public for as long as I could. With all of these transpiring events in RL for Skyla, myself, and our partners with the DWAT, it is in our best interest that we close the place down until we can all find our happy medium again. Our goal was to at least stay open past a year, and we have done that. So yes while it may be melancholy, we are overjoyed to have experienced this project with you all. As I said, while we may be closing and not blogging for a while, we WILL be back again. We thank each and every one of you for your kind words, activity,photos,and support. If we didn’t have you all as a driving force, we wouldn’t be thinking of coming back at all. I have so much to give into SL as far as creativity, I’m just dealing with roadblocks..I think we all are. Until then folks, we bid you adieu.

                     ❤ Saxxy/Skyla and the DWAT Team

P.S. I will be jotting down the names of folks still in the group so whenever we come back, we will re-add you all without having to pay a group fee. 🙂



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