Rip Daddy! 20th Feb 2015 ♥

Hello all,

I have been away for a while unfortunately not for good reasons, My dad passed away on the 2oth Feb..

I wont go into too much detail, but its been hard to lose my father and best friend, I have been having and will be having to help out my mum alot more which is fine we are all pulling together, its strange I still feel like i know its happened obv.. but i dont feel like its hit me yet more just doing things on auto pilot, doing normal things, the way the world keeps turning when yours fell apart is a strange thing.. hence why this the first time i’m back now, i wanted to do this post for a while but its taken time to be able too

This week my mother, sister and myself are all trying to settle into a new routine and move forward, I will hopefully be back slightly more now, but there is alot going on so please bare with me!

Thank you to my sponsors i do have for being understanding at this time

Rip Daddy 20th Feb 2015

Hair: Give and Take: 5. Fantasy 2 Exile @ The Arcade 
Head: Fairy mesh Head Pixie 03 VCO @  The Arcade 
Dress: Aurelia Dress & Crown Moon Amore @ Oneword
Pose: Some Day 1 NanTra @ Oneword

Letter Jars: Alphabet Jar Aso! @  The Arcade 
Lillies: Water Lillies With Hud Windsong @ Oneword

Location: Done wiv a Twist

Dad, If i could speak to you again, i would tell you I love you over and over just so you know! I will look after mum! You Rest! Miss you lots! xxx
Rip Daddy 20th Feb 2015

2 responses

  1. Please let me express my deep sadness and condolences on the loss of your Dad ~ both my parents are gone so I can understand the emotions you are feeling ~ your post is really well done ~ hugzz

    1. Thank you so much Starr! We are getting there slowly! ♥ sky

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