Smell the Roses

Hello all, Hope you having a good hump day, Iam having a so so week, Certain *girly* things are holding me back and i haven’t been able to swim all week, so feeling a big meh, its srsly messing with me this time, told me i put on 6lbs in a day rofl i was helllll nooo but i think things are getting back to normal now and its gone back down and i have actually lost a 1lb even with not swimming! Ugh the struggle is real at the moment, Its amazing how quickly even a week of swimming makes your whole body stronger, and you feel it when u can’t go! Still got about 100lbs i wanna lose but its getting there slowly, this week is just a bit of a blip sure once i can get back in pool and my energy levels return i will feel miles better!

I know people say be proud of who you are big or small, and i’am i know who i’am but i don’t want to be a fat person anymore, its a personal thing (along with other health things) that would make feel better about myself, i will never be a really skinny person A i dont want to be & B my ass, hips & boobs are too big even when i’m slim to be skinny skinny! If other people are happy confident & healthy being bigger person then i’m all for it – like i say its just not for me anymore!

Anyhoo that’s my mid week waffle,

All details below ♥ Skyla

Smell the Roses

Hair: Sibel Wasabi Pills @ Uber
Skin: Vera skin America Glam Affair
Necklace: Layered Celestial Necklace – Silver Yummy @ Uber
Bodysuit: Temptress Bodysuit *white* Luxuria @ The Attic
Flower in hand: Hana Stick Pink ASO @ Creators Collection Box
Flower hanging: Hana ga Saku Pink ASO @ Creators Collection Box

Location: Done wiv a Twist


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