Photo Contest

Done wiv a Twist Winter Photo Contest!!

Hello everyone!
It is definitely that time again to do another photo contest! It doesn’t matter whether it is a raw or photoshopped pic, just as long as it is not “too” photoshopped. It does need to be taken at the land, but what is the catch?
You have to take the picture with a friend, group, favorite type of animal, or basically have something or someone in the picture with you that has a special meaning.
If you would like to write why they are special, that would be lovely as well!
The Done Wiv a Twist Team WILL be the judges this round.
We have tried our best to give you all up to date and adorable or pretty things to work with on the land.
Prizes are as follows:
1st Place: 2,500l
2nd Place:1500l
3rd Place:500l
One Entry per person!
Deadline is Jan 2nd and judging will follow afterwards.
We will also feature your photos on our Flickr & FB group profile and cover’s…
with permission of course
Our FLickr Group:
Land LM:…/Needing%20Point/…/89/22
If you have any questions, contact Serenityj8705 Resident Serenity Cortez or Skyla Tunwarm. Skyla Tunwarm

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