Winter Wonderland

Hello all, Hope you are all well, and getting into that Christmas Spirit, Saxxy & Myself have just opened up our Winter installment of the land so if you are feeling festive or you need a little kick up the bum to get you in the festive mood come pay us a visit!! A couple of pics below but u need to come check it for yourselves.. so much more to see!! I got quite a quiet weekend so thought i would do some blogging cause i do love it even though its taken a back seat slightly at mo, like i said before i will never stop completely, before it was like every day blog must blog, like it was my job.. but now its much more a hobby, and i like it like that, i will never be the best blogger, but i dont think i’m the worse, i like to do it – i’m glad i’ve found this happy medium with it now, its on my terms and i’m a lot happier!

Anyhow i will hopefully be back once again over the weekend, if not i will defo try and do a least a couple before Christmas

Enjoy love Skyla x

Winter Wonderland

Hair: SweetDreams Spellbound @ The Arcade
Lips: Diana Lips REd lips Pumec @ The Gacha Mania (Nov)
Onsie: Whimsical.Onesie – Deer -Pixicat- @ The Arcade
Skates: Rigged Mesh Ice Skates Pure Poison
Santa Mask: Woodism Holiday IamSanta RARE ASO @ The Arcade
Snowman Sign: Woodism Holiday Snowman1 ASO @ The Arcade

Location: Done wiv a Twist Estate

Done wiv a Twist Estate Winter

Done wiv a Twist Estate Winter


3 responses

  1. Looks nice and I will have to make a stop when taking a break out from hunting 🙂

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