Swamp Fairy! Tinkerbell’s Demise:

Morning all you lovely people! Haha I’m all cheery today, dunno why, same sh*t different day rofl, have to make the most of what u have got i guess, There is so many events coming up to go too and that i personally want to have a look, i feel like i dk where to start, i have got a lot fussier in buying products in the last couple of years, purely cause i have so much stuff i tend to think do i reallllly need this, to be woren once and never looked at again haha.. you know ur the same, dont judge 😛 It has to really stand out to me personally, some things are too hard to resist though, but we so many events starting at this time of the month, i think it will have to be a case of being very fussy!! my poor wallet! hehe

Soo anyway today i introduce you to swamp fairy lmao, i made her up she is cute and scary all at the same time, i think she use to be a real fairy well its Tinkerbell then the swamp gremlins captured her and now she is swamp fairy lolllll I totally just made this up but it fits

I been on a waffle today, it does happen sometimes lol 😛


Hair: Kills no.1 – DipDye&Fades Little Bones @ Chapter Four (open)
Skin: Sky II America Glam Affair (Sept Arcade)
Face 1:  Burnt Face  PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout (opens today)
Face 2:  Stitched Lips PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout
Chest:  Slashed Chest PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout
Leg:  Leg wound PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout
Outfit: Tinkerbell’s death: Dress, Mask, Green wings  Mag<3.B @ Night of living cart sale 
Wings 2: Bat Wings Rare (full hud) PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout

Location: Done wiv a Twist Estate

Swamp Fairy! Tinkerbell's Demise:

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