This Little Piggy…

This Little Piggie

Happy Saturday to all! Today I am feeling like absolute crap! But I wanted to show off a couple of things before I went back to watching Netflix and finding comfort in my Vicks infused tissues lol. Today’s items are from Glam Affair, Reign, Delirium Style & Image Essentials. Santanna, thank you for this adorable wittle piggy that you all may find at The Chapter Four! Enjoy!

❤ Saxxy

Sashay Away

Skin: Rose-Desert Rose(America Tone)-Glam Affair

Shape: My Own

Hair: Dasha-Truth

Eyes: Hope Eyes in Ghost-Ikon

Makeup: Falsies-Mon Cheri

Black Eyeliner Series 3 & 5-MONS

Glitter Pop Eshadow in Plums at Midnight-Mock Cosmetics

Glossy Lip Highlights-Izzie’s

Jewelry: Polly Necklace & Earring set/Black-Mandala

Tattoo: Henna #2 Back Tattoo-Pimp My Shit

Dress: Alesha Fall Dress(w/hud)-Delirium Style

Wilbur – Violet-Birdy @ The Chapter Four

Shoes: Magnetic Pumps in Black(Part of the Saturday Sale today!)-Reign

Poses: Sashay(b)-Image Essentials@ The Thrift Shop

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