EB Awareness Event!

I was asked my the lovely NatashaAngelfire, if i would help by blogging for this event, how could i say no to such a worthy cause..  Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare genetic connective tissue disorder, affecting 1 out of every 20,000 live births. There are many variations of EB, but all share the prominent symptom of extremely fragile skin that blisters and tears from minor friction or trauma. There is no cure. 

This is a fund raising event so proceeds do go towards the cause, If you would like to know more about EB or make or own contribution, please visit this site http://www.debra.org/ 

The Event opens tomorrow (28th) EB Awareness Event! 

Some great designers are lined up to help out so check it out!

New Spellbound & Phunk @ EB Awareness Event

Hair: Serenity Spellbound EB Awareness Event! 
Make up eyes: Kharma 6 Dulce Secrets EB Awareness Event! 
Make up lips: Dolly Bronze Nude Pink Acid
Earring: Iadara White Pearl Phoebe
Necklace: Feel Something Mango Cheeks
Dress: Butterfly Mini Dress Phunk  @ EB Awareness Event! 
Shoes: Groupie Wedges Reign (Group Gift)

Pose: For the first time Elephante Poses @ The Pose Fair

Location: Done wiv a Twist Estate

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