All I Wanna Do

Hey all, yes I am back and totally inspired for some unknown reason to take pics within SL. I did change the Sim Hoppin Sundays since I guess there is invisible copyright that I stole that name LOL!! Rolls Eyes… I swear some people will never stop being delusional but anyways, I found the beauty of Jamaica. I do have a pretend bf on SL as many of my friends inworld know it is Sandman. He also happens to be from Jamaica so yeah baby this post is for you. Ok seriously I do not wanna pixel vagina block but it is PRETEND so therefore the ladies can still flirt and shit, k? Hehe, here are a few snapshots in different lighting cause I couldn’t just pick one. Enjoy!

A Little Piece of Paradise

As We Roam

There Are Waves!

We Are Young

Watch Your Step My Darlin

Don't Mind The Booty, We Want Ice Cream

It A "Piers" to Be Comfy

Lets Cross

Was totally singing this while snapping pics ^_^

❤ Saxxy

Location: Jamaica


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