The Sound District is Open!!

Santanna and I

Hello all! Well as promised the Done Wiv a Twist part of the sim opened earlier yesterday on the 6th. Well, an addition to the photography sim, my beautiful friend Santanna decided to go ahead and move forward into opening the Open Mic part of the sim as well! YAYYYYY! So what does that mean? Well I will be be a part of it as well (more of a bodyguard/backup) so yeah no trolls damnit -_-  Anyways, she will be holding open mic on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays from 7-9pm slt. Poets, Singers, Rappers, Story Tellers, Comedians, and etc are all welcome to entertain on voice. We will be keeping you all updated via the group inworld, FB and Flickr about future events aside from the usual open mic. So make sure to stop by and relax yourselves. It is not open just for open mic, we tend to have discussions on different topics or just an end of the day wanna just spend some time with cool people type of thing. Your ride is down below ↓↓

The Sound District

PS Take the teleport to go between the two 🙂


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