Spring is here! :D

Hey all, Still fighting with my computer 😦 but i managed to take a quick snap to show off this outfit, which totally gives me that spring feeling! I’m more a summer time girl… but Spring at least means Summer is on the way and that is defo a good thing! The outfit inc shoes will be available at the Ho Depot this month which opens on the 15th!

I took this picture on our sim which now open to all of you to come take pics or just hang out! Done wiv a Twist Estate!

I will keep fighting my computer till i can get a new one, so i will be here when i can, just sorry i can’t do better pictures right now just at home on sim or studio cause i don’t crash but i can only have my graphics up for the shortest time poss 😦 but like i say doing my best to show you all the cutenessssssssss ♥

Spring is here! :D

Hair: Nahara Spellbound
Skin: Innocence Atomic
Necklace: Teardrop Stars Phoebe ~Piercings & more @ Fi*Friday
Ring: Silver Dolphin Rings Blue Gacha Sakide
Bracelet: Love Bracelet Silver B L V D  X V I I I Fi*Friday
Top: Summer Top Retro (Appliers) Xxxtasi @ The Ho Depot
Pants:  Jean Capri (Appliers) Xxxtasi @ The Ho Depot
Shoes: Wedge Retro Summer (High Slink) Xxxtasi @ The Ho Depot

Pose: Let it go 2 Elephante Poses @ Fit for a princess


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