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Hello all! Well first and foremost we are under tornado watch until 7pm my time so um I tried to rush and put dinner in the crockpot before that time just in case we lose power. I am pretty sure we will be fine but if you don’t hear from me in a while……LOL…I’m kidding I doubt we will get anything worse than rain at this point. This post is based on a soap box rant so I would rather you skip by it if you can’t handle ya know the strong opinions of others. Ty Ally and Marissa for inspiring me to do this post and have the finger strength to type this lol. Ok so before I go onto the rant, this is actually a pose from Something New. It comes with your very own soapbox and megaphone. This sexy dress is from Ducknipple and comes in solids and patterns with their HUDs. Make sure to check out their new stuff, it is always affordable and has variety in color with their HUDs.

Now the sheep are rather cute don’t get me wrong I love them. But in this post they are supposed to be representing those who follow bandwagons cause they do not have a mind of their own. The sheep who follow the circles that are “popular” the “stuck ups” and of course the people who think their fucking shit doesn’t stink. Sheep can be cute, ugly, fat, skinny,black,white, brown, purple, who gives a fuck…they are hidden behind the exterior of their own fake face. Maybe pick up a damn book and learn a thing or two of individualism. Oh and go to Wal-Mart and see if you can pick up a personality while you are at it.

Next are those who take no considerations of decisions people have when it comes to religion,political views, and sexual orientation. If you are gay, be happy about it and let people LIVE for that decision. At the same time, some of the people who have chosen that lifestyle need to realize that there are still straight people out there and we all have our likes and dislikes. Trying to force your opinion on someone else is not the fucking right thing to do. Fuck your freedom of speech in that case, cause there is a difference of saying it in a nice way and just being a fucking asshat about it. Political views….lawd…if you do NOT like our government and what is going on…make your own difference when it comes to voting. If it doesn’t go your way too fucking bad, at least you tried. You think I was fucking happy and shit when Bush came into office? Did I go around bashing him? No! So stfu. No use in crying over spilled milk, clean that shit up! I voted for Obama<<my decision! You don’t like him? Your decision…will I look at you any less? No. Accept my decision as well though. I never bring up politics because I know way too many people who dislike him. Bashing him in my face though repeatedly like you are some fucking repetitive rapper though makes you look like an asshole. Plain and simple. Religion is up next cause holy shit “HE” doesn’t exist. Once again, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I am Catholic, I believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and so on. Ok, I am not such a tightwad and I will laugh along with some of the memes and jokes about the subject, but there is a line not to cross about it. Do NOT EVER make me go against my religion. I have my own faith and my morals. It is something I grew up with and I will never lose faith. Keep the scientific bullshit to yourself. It is not about proof, it is the fact that I was raised to believe in Him and I can never be persuaded otherwise. I don’t go around preaching the word of God to anyone, take the consideration of not spoiling shit for me. Someone wise told me that it is funny how self proclaimed atheists say the term “oh my God” or OMG lol. I’m just saying. #_#

Also, if you are in a relationship….let people be in relationships and be happy for them! Don’t go trying to rain on people’s parade cause you are some lonely cockstain. You wanna be a whore? Hey by all means do you boo boo but do it with someone who understands your whore needs who isn’t taken! FFS.

Anywho, this is all I had to say on my soapbox. You may agree with it and I personally don’t care if you don’t, it is my rant, my words, my thoughts, if you got all butthurt, contact 1-800-EAT-ADICK for a free consultation.

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Vanessa in Blacks-Burley

Makeup: A little Drama in Pink and Teal-Elymode

Sugar Lips in Pink-Panda Punx

Jewelry: LOVE necklace in Black-Diamante

Rock Studded Earrings in Black-Pure Poison

Dress: Halter Dress w/HUD-Ducknipple

Shoes: Cassidy Heels in Wood(comes in other colors but black was available only for the 21 event)-CASHMERE & Keane

Pose: Soap Box-Something New

Staff & Sheep: +Half-Deer+@The Arcade


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