My Escape

Hey all! Late night posting again!! The bf stole my computer all morning, so i had to wait! The things you do for love eh?! lol
You know like everyone has one of those sims they like to go to that just makes them feel at peace? no? haha well i have one.. I will have to do a proper blog on it soon.. but this is it in the picture.. I will promise i will show it off more soon! A wee bit of fashion for you too, I must try to get to sleep now, (bet i’m still awake at 3am lol) I have my art class tomorrow last one 😦 minus our exhibition and trip thingy lol anyway waffling on.. enjoy ♥

My Escape

Hair:  Rain or Shine Wild Fusion ExileThe Arcade Gacha
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel 
Top: Latex bandeau set – white Sassy @ Whore Couture
Pants:  Smexy High Waist Pants Snow Le FormeWhore Couture

Location: Annwn Willows


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