Crazy Cat Lady

I wanted to get this blog up earlier, but I had to play with my real life kitty, Oliver. He is a 5 year old maine coon that is up my butt all the time. As we speak, he is currently hugging my feet and sleeping. In “celebration” of my kitty, and all the plushy kitties at the arcade, here is my super awesome crazy cat lady outfit. Literally, the whole outfit ( Dress, socks, shoes, bracelets ) is by Butter Toast in their ” Crazy Cat Lady ” outfit. Also my super cute pinks heard glasses are in the gatcha at BT. Speaking of GATCHAS, Oh my gosh I FINALLY got into the arcade! Like, damn. My hair/head plushy is the rainbow version of the one Skyla is wearing in her previous post. And my kitty is one of three that can be found in the Intrigue Co. gatcha! ( This is one of two that Sax gave me. ILY )

PS: I am thinking of keeping my hair as pink like, forever. Yes? No?



Complete Outfit: .:Buttery Toast:. Mad Cat Lady – Full outfit @ .:Buttery Toast:.
Dress: .:Buttery Toast:. Mad Cat Lady
Stockings: .:Buttery Toast:. Mad Cat lady – Socks
Shoes: .:Buttery Toast:. Mad Cat Lady … Sneakers
Bracelets: .:Buttery Toast:. Mad Cat lady – Bangle (White)
Glasses: .:Buttery Toast:. Heart Shades Pink ( Gatcha )
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Petit Hair – Rainbow @ The Arcade
– ~Tableau Vivant~ Petit – Kat the Kitty –
Plushy: Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Nala the Siamese Flame @ The Arcade
Nails: -{ZOZ}- Natural Glitter Polish @ -{ZOZ}-
Poses: //elephante poses//

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