The Lost Bear!

Hey again, another 3am postie :O My sleep is messed up haha… but its the weekend its allowed, I grabbed my baby sister Leah to help me with this post! Another one for the awesome One Word event, What is more tragic to a child than their lost teddy, saying that i’m 30 years old and i would deverstated if i lost mine, i had since i was 2 years old lol!!

This set comes with Bears to rez, hold and fliers!
The laying / sitting Teddies will give a temp attach teddy if they are clicked, with one huggy animation. So if someone finds your lost teddy, they can give it a hug!

One Word is now open make sure you get your butts there!

I got another post ready but i will be posting that in the morning, talk about a blogging day!! 😀

Lost Teddy – Goldy Lost Junction @ One Word

The Lost Bear!

The Lost Bear! 2


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