Cute and Chic!

Hey all, A little quick good morning postie, or afternoon depending where u are lol 5pm here but feels more like the morning as we went bed so late lol I need an early night today, Netflix and Bed at a reasonable time sounds soo good today haha ♥  Enjoy the rest of your sunday! Chillax! lol
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Cute and Chic!

Hair:  Petit Hair – Reds With Bunny  Tableau Vivant  @  The Arcade Gacha
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel 
Make up: Eyeshadow Glamorous Electiric Mons
Necklace: Teardrop Turtle White Maxi Gossamer  The Arcade Gacha
Dress:  Chainbelt Dress With Hud Cynful  Whore Couture
Plushie: Oliver the grey tabby Intrigue co @  The Arcade Gacha

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