Spring Showers

Hello all. No it isn’t spring yet and won’t be until March 20th but we folk in SL are always rushing holidays aren’t we? LOL. First thing I would like to get off my chest is a big Congratulations to my dear sis,amazing friend,awesome designer,and lovable person Ally because within the hour of me writing this she will be getting married within SL to someone who completes her heart, Tommie. I have been there when things were not always in Ally’s favor, so I have an incredible bond with her and would do anything for her if I could. While people may take SL marriages as a joke, she has been with Tommie for quite some time, just as people do in RL before getting married….celebrities and dumbasses are a different story btw. It will be an honor for me to witness this beautiful ceremony and I wish you both truly the best!

Purple Rain

While we are still on the topic of Ally, she has a few new props out for Something New. I went to the store which by the way is always so organized! LOL it is the Virgo in that woman! I loved this pose because I love spring showers….especially in Florida. It will soon be time for my little one, mom, and I to be planting a garden of some sort because we do love to see things grow from their original states.

If you didn’t already check it out, ColdLogic is having a 50% off sale at their store. They have some of the most detailed clothing within SL, and their usual prices are a little high for a bargain shopper like myself, so this is a great opportunity to stock up. The sale ends today though, so get your butts there before midnight.

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Emily Mesh Hair in Storm-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Platinum-Ikon

Makeup: Glitter Pop Eshadow in Iced Grape-Mock Cosmetics

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Glossy Lip Highlights 3D-Izzies

Jewelry: Moonlit Brooch Necklace & Ring(seperate)-Diamante

Clothing: Combo(Plume Grape)-ColdLogic

Shoes: Brienne Flats in Cocoa-fri.

Prop: Rain Down on Me-Something New


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