Destination: The Singularity of Kumiko and Scribbled Hearts

Happy Sunday(Monday to the other side of the world lol) last night I wanted to go find other places to explore. I would have loved to have taken pictures on Bryn Oh’s exhibit but everything was entirely too dark. I swear it was challenging yet addicting. You had to set your windlights and graphics a certain way and what made this so challenging was that it was in almost complete darkness. What made this exhibit so unique was that you had to go around the sim and find bottles with messages by day numbers. Each message had a piece of the story to tell of a young girl named Kumiko. In my opinion this little girl was hit by a car and fell into a coma and is receiving and sending back messages from a “friend” whom is trying to pull Kumi out of the coma back to the ones who love her dearest. I will not say all of the story nor explain more of my inside look on things because the story can be perceived in so many ways, I guess it is up to the imagination. If you want to try it out yourself, please read all of the instructions carefully 🙂

The Singularity of Kumiko

Next up on my route of SL is Scribbled Hearts. It is not new but it is rather serene and a photogenic place to still take winter themed pictures or enjoy a good sunset. You can also do a little shopping, enjoy a snowcone, or cuddle alongside a loved one by the ocean side. All of these shots are raw, no editing and my WL settings along with other settings will be provided below if your computer can handle it, if not it is still an enjoyable sim. Stay blessed everyone and Skyla drink plenty of water hehe!

❤ Saxxy

Scribbled Hearts_001

Scribbled Hearts_002

Scribbled Hearts_003

Scribbled Hearts_004

Scribbled Hearts_005
Scribbled Hearts


WL Sky: Sunset

WL Water: Glassy

Water Reflections>> Type: Everything(but can be as low as terrain and trees)

Resolution: Life Like(can go down as low as Very Good)

Transparent Water is also checked.

Preferences>>At Mid

Transparent Water

Bump Mapping & Shiny

Local Lights

Basic Shaders

Atmospheric Shaders

Advanced Lighting Model


Ambient Occlusion(to make shadows smooth) are all checked

Shadows: Sun/Moon+Projectors

Water Reflections: Everything

Draw Distance @ 128

No you do not have to put your settings like this but this is how I see things on my side 🙂

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