Cool Story – Big Girls are sexy too!

Hey all,

I don’t usually spend a lot of time of my blog pictures, i mean i make them look nice but not as long as i did on this one .. lol
I made myself fatter (with Ps) not that my avi is not small anyway, but the phatt azz wasnt cutting it for me.. lol..
hence the name of the post, a convo with a friend, about sex appeal inspired it.. sex appeal is about the person, not size!

I aint a small person in RL or SL and i dont want to be, but its personal preferemce..women can be sexy all sizes.. 😀
Iam proud of my thick bits RL & SL .. I know i got sex appeal 😛
anyway idk iam not ps expert but i think it  came out okish

Cool Story -  Big Girls are sexy too! (pile/blog)

All clothes are from Sticky @ The Azz Show (11th Jan)
Earrings (love them) are from [F]oil
This wasnt suppose to be a blog post, but i thought i might as well as i need blog  this.. 😛 so if you wana know where anything else is from just ask ❤

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