The Flying Scotsman

Hey all, I am back and while I could have done this post on more fashion, I am well overdue on posting for one of my oldest pair of friends Stuart & Sasy (I mean old friends in sl not in rl lol). I used to work for them, hey they gave me my first job and I became the manager of the place. I met Skyla at the Drunken Duck which was their first place, and for that I am forever grateful cause she’s my freckle face and I love her! We had a falling out and I did not know they had closed the Duck. We reached out to each other and I’m glad we let the beef get squashed! They eventually left SL and they focused on their RL. With a child being born and such, I can definitely relate to a parents job coming before anything. They have now returned to SL and have opened a hangout spot known as The Flying Scotsman.

I have asked Stu to tell me what makes his hangout different, so here are some words from him..

“Here at The Flying Scotsman we hold regular events on Wed 12pm slt with either a live dj or a live singer…What makes us stand out from all the other pubs and clubs is we don’t ask for tips here and we always make people feel part of the family. If you join our group you do not get spammed with notices about events etc. Our aim is to make this place a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.We also have a sandbox for you to use at your pleasure…. if that’s not enough then look around our shops and see if you can find that extra special present for your loved one or for yourself :-)”

**More of the good stuff**


Ad Boards


TV w/Movies

24 hour Linden giveaway


Everyone is Welcomed

Safe enviroment with proper management

Here are a few raw snapshots I took:

flying scotsman_002
flying scotsman_004
flying scotsman_003

flying scotsman_001

I hope you can all go check it out soon! They are really friendly people and if you ever need help building, need a venue to get married in, a party decorator, or anything of the sort, these two are amazingly helpful with all of that stuff! I apologize it took me this long to write it Stu, I love you and Sas ❤

Here is the LM to The Flying Scotsman


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