5 Minutes in Mad City

Mad City Collage

Hey all, don’t we all just love rolling restarts??!! Ugh! I went to Mad City thinking most of the places had already been restarted, and right when I started to pose, there were of course people waiting to photobomb…lol it never fails in public places. So once I waited for the bystanders to move, that is when I got my 5 min warning. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yes I indeed did the epic no in my head. But I managed to to a few shots to work with.

Today I am showing off some goodies from Panda Punx and Indented @ the Fi Friday Frost Fair.

Panda Punx released this adorable shape and skin for Stuff in Stock. It is called Anneliese and it is perfect for those looking for the cute and petite look.

The sweater, jeans, and boots are from Indented which is currently at Fi Friday Frost Fair. The sweater is mesh, the pants come with a phat azz applier, and the boots are resizable. Make sure to check out the Frost Fair if you already haven’t.

I may be back later with another post, but I think I will go snuggle up while the cold lasts in Florida 😀

❤ Saxxy

Saxx is Wearing:

Skin & Shape: Anneliese Skin & Skin {Young Love} in Sunkissed-Panda Punx @ Stuff in Stock

Hair: Mercy in Dark Brown-DeLa

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Brown-Ikon

Makeup: Diamond Eyeliner (w/ texture change)-Bens Beauty

All other makeup comes with the skin

Jewelry: Melissa Ring Gray Gold-Bens Beauty

Purse: Bird Bag/Linen 2-Pesca

Clothing: Damaged in Blue(Sweater)


Ponte V2(jeans)-Indented @ Fi Friday Frost Fair

Shoes: Bear.Claw in Coffee-Indented @ Fi Friday Frost Fair

Location: Mad City Christmas

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