Arabian Flower

Hello all, I am back not from only a well needed break to keep healing from my surgery and yes you are all probably tired of hearing that word over and over and I do apologize, I just don’t take crap like this well, but I was also in the moving process so I had no net until today. I do plan on catching up with my work, but I am only human 🙂

Today I am showing off these cute rompers by Demise of Flight (yes Nikki is back! Woot!) in two of several colors which are Tangerine and Creamsicle.

Next up is this lovely jewelry ensemble from Artistry by E, these pieces can be worn casually or you can dress up with it, either way they are dainty and perfect for whatever occasion may occur.

The last few items are from Your Cocain, Shiana released these for the last round of Fi Friday which I could not get around to blog until today, but I am sure she still has them available at an affordable price within her shop. They work with slink hands and feet, and before going all nuts saying they do not work with your Slink stuff, please make sure you have the updated versions with the utilities hud that provides the tattoo layers.

Until my next blog, love yall!!

❤ Saxxy

Arabian/Romper Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Hair 37 in Noir-Eaters Coma

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Brown-Ikon

Makeup: Golddigger Glam Eyeshadow-Mock Cosmetics

Camille Lips +Teeth in Caramel-Pink Acid

Jewelry: The Carmen Set (Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet)-Artistry by E

Tattoos: Arabic and Music-Your Cocain

Clothing: Carly Romper in Tangerine and Creamsicle-Demise of Flight

Feet: Women’s Natural Barefeet-Slink


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