As the Sun Rises

As the Sun Rises

Hello all. It’s been a while since I peeked my head in and got twisted (peeks head into Donwivatwist and looks around) I’ve got an awesome dress from ::Miss Canning: a VIP special gift for the grand opening of GOL The Original, which opens November 9th, paired with an awesome jacket from N1CO, sick accessories from RYCA and [CERES] and fabulous shoes from [Co57]. Well that’s all for now, links are below and make sure you send out lots of love and positive energy for the Saxxxy beast who is still recovering from her surgery ☻ (We miss you my fellow Dr. pepper loving dimplemonster♥) Until next post, hope you have a great weekend.

♥warm sunrise huggies from Ema♥

Sunrise Ginger is wearing:

Sunglasses: Electra Shades – Solar Designer Eyewear
Earrings: Spike drop earrings – Silver – RYCA
Necklace: Tribus – Moon Silver – [CERES]

Hair + Eyes + Cosmetics:
Hair: Nelly – Red 01 – [BURLEY]
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes – Pale Turquose – IKON
Eyeliner + Lipstick: Black C. Eyeliner + Dark Red Lips 002+007 – **NOYA**

Jacket: Nina Jacket – N1CO
Dress: [Evelyn Dress] – ::Miss Canning:: @ GOL The Original (VIP GIFT available at November 9th grand opening) NEW GIFT FIRST OF EVERY MONTH
Stockings: Stocking Me Up – Black – [77]
Shoes: Emily Sandals – Hii – Noir – Silver – [Co57]


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