Twisted Wonderland

twisted wonderland

Greetings all. I decided to take my Wonderland obsession over to Donewivatwist as well, so the Saxxxy Beast (Alice), me (the Mad hatter of course) and Skyla (Queen of Hearts) decided to sit down for a lovely tea party in Wonderland. At first the Queen of Hearts graced us with her presence but as you can see in the second pic, she decided she didn’t want to sit with the peasants. (such a diva, just kidding Skyla, love ya lots)Hope you like, until next post, have an awesome Tuesday! ☺

♥mad hatter huggies from Ema♥

twisted wonderland tea party

Saxxxy Beast is wearing:
Alice Costume – Bowtique

Ema is wearing:
Mad Hatter Costume – Bowtique

Skyla is wearing:
Queen of Hearts Costume – Bowtique

Tea Party set: Deluxe Wonderland Tea Party Set – Boudoir


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