Damsel in Distress – Enchantment Fair Preview

I was walking along the woods, and then it started to thunderstorm! I saw shadows here and there and all over, faces passing by my own along with ghostly winds. What is happening? I asked myself, and then I start to feel lightheaded….and I pass out. I wake up to a friendly hand in front of me, as if I were to grab it and just go with a complete stranger? Her face was reassuring, she had a soft glow to her face with whimsical locks of hair and little cute birds surrounding her. So I was pulled up and together we walked out of that horrible place I had once landed while scared to death, onto a new brighter path. I felt safe holding this woman’s hand.

Ok so this may not be identical to Snow White’s version, but we wanted to show off these beautiful Snow White styled dresses from Junbug that will be available at the Enchantment Fair on November 1st. Huggies from Skyla and Saxxy ❤

The Birds are from Birdy and also available at the Enchantment Fair!



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