Devil Woman

Hello all. It’s been a while but I’ve been having computer issues, luckily its been sorted and I have a new laptop that can hopefully allow me to have fun in SL and blog with peace of mind and the level of creativity that I want to express. Anywho yay I’m back and I’m a devil woman (as if you didn’t already figure that out) I fell in love with these horns from RO when I went to the Body Mod Expo and they served as the inspiration for the rest of the devilish ensemble. Also found a relatively new hair store (new to me anyway) which is always exciting. So if you never heard of [Castellian] check them out. Well that’s all for now, links are below so you can get you some demonic swag of your own. Don’t worry you’ll be seeing me again, the redheaded devil that you know and love, speaking of love. Everyone send out lots of positive energy and love for the one and only Saxxy beast as she is not feeling well 😦 Until next post, have an awesome Wednesday.

♥devil huggies from Ema♥

Devil Woman


Horns: Baphomet Horns – Infernal – RO @ Body Mod Expo (ends Nov. 3rd)

Necklace: Black Skeleton Hand Necklace – Pure Poison @ SL Fashion Week

Gloves: Jaimy Gloves – [R3]

Hair + Eyes + Cosmetics:

Hair: Mermaid Hair – Lava – [Castellian]

Eyes: Twilight Red Eyes – NoirOptix

Eyeshadow – Eyeshadow WIld 3 – dark – MONS @ TDRF

Lipstick: Lipsticks 11 / 04 – R.icielli

Nails: Drippy Nails – Mad Echo


Top: Summer Basic top – Red – **LUAS**

Corset: Eros Corset – Deviance

Pants: Leather Leggings – Crimson – ::LC::

Boots: Midian Boots – Black – FK!

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