Bohemian Love

Hello all, I didn’t think I would be back but I was deeply inspired by the colors and style of clothing that will be available for the Boho Fair from Delirium Style. I could have put these pics in a collage but for this blog, I think they each deserve their own individual space. This blog may seem longer because of it, but I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them. ❤ Saxxy

DS for Boho Fair_001


DS for Boho Fair_002

DS for Boho Fair_003


DS for Boho Fair_004

DS for Boho Fair_006


DS for Boho Fair_007

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Sayaka Hair-D!va(pics1-4)

This Year’s Love in Midnight-Exile

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom-Ikon

Makeup: Brown and Green Eyeshadow w/Liner-Elymode

Eyeliner # 4-Pekka Cosmetics

Falsies Mesh Eyelashes w/Hud-Mon Cheri

Diva Lipgloss in Beige-Pink Acid

Jewelry: Urvi Earrings(gold)


Raga Oyster Ring in Pearl(gold)-Zaara

Tattoos: Butterflies and Swirls Tatto-Skyla’s Store 😛 You may ask her for it since it is no longer available on her MP store

Apparel: Boho Lita Dress *flower*

Boho Lita Dress *knit*

Boho Lita Dress *silk*

Boho Lita Dress *vintage*(all dresses have HUD’s)

Beaded Fringe Top 06 & 10

Easy Slim Jeans 02 & 04

All of these items are from Delirium Style for the Boho Fair

Feet: Flat Barefeet-Slink

These pics are pretty big so excuse the wait for them to show up 🙂


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