Never Meant to Start a War

Hello all, most of the goodies I am displaying are from Delirium Style and Latreia Footwear which is participating in the Travel Fair that will take place from October 17-31st. I won’t do much typing, just moving onto the fashion 🙂 ❤ Saxxy

Never Meant to Start a War

Saxxy is Wearing:

Apparel: Hat, Pants, Cardigan,& Bra(Travel Fair Items)-Delirium Style for the Travel Fair

Tattoos: Medicated Tattoo & Freebie Tattoo(The World Owes You Nothing)-Corvus

Accessories: Steking Ears-Mandala

Black Kawaii Grenade Bomb Nom-Epic

Shoes: Urban Sneakers-Latreia Footwear for the Travel Fair

Travel Fair LM is unavailable at the moment, but keep an eye out on the 17th 🙂

One response

  1. This outfit is cool and imma let you finish, but the m92 krink is the best ak pattern rifle of all time

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