Welcome to Planet Hell

Hello all. It’s me again that crazy wolf Ema. I originally was going for a more feminine and girly blog idea but SL had other ideas which I guess was a blessing in disguise because then I put together this hellaciously awesome outfit. The dress is from one of my new favorite stores in SL, N1CO and comes with a HUD with plenty of other textures to fit any mood you are in. Anywho I hope you like your visit to planet hell, hope it wasn’t too hot for you to handle. Until next post, hope you have an awesome weekend.

♥ginger huggies from Ema♥

planet hell
Hair: Nelly – Burley – Red01
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes – Light Incan Gold
Make Up: Lipstick 9 – ItGirls / Eyeshadow Popstar Gold – MONS
Gloves: AE for Slink Hands – Opera Gloves – Black
Dress: Selena Dress – N1CO (comes with texture change HUD)
Stockings: Full Leg fishnets – Razor///
Shoes: Privileged Wedges – Noir – Gold – Revanche

Necromancer’s Staff – + Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful +


2 responses

  1. He’s thinking a triple max prison, no daylight slam. Only three of them left in the system two of them out of range for a shitty little under cutter like this one with no legs leaving just one. Crematoria, that is what you have in mind right?

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