Shooting All the Pigs

Hello all, I will be showing off a few goodies from a few of my favorite stores that are also sponsors for the blog. I had fun putting this outfit together, and I think it was because I didn’t know what I had in mind. I usually have a thought, and then all of a sudden I change my mind and go into a different direction. I think that is why I find blogging exciting, it keeps my mind going 😀 In any case, I will be absent for a while next week, so I want to make the sponsors happy before I go in for surgery. I am sure Skyla will take care of the blog while I am away. Please keep an eye out as I am going to talk to Skyla about having bloggers contests within the next few months. Last year was a total bust, but now that we have new sponsors, new stalkers, and a broader audience, I am hoping this time around will be more successful. I hope you all have a great day ❤ Saxxy

Angry Bird Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Effect in Pitch-LeLutka

Makeup: Basically Olive & Chelsea Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Accessories: GI Mouse Helmet w/HUD-Delirium Style

Military Glasses-Axix

Time Tags-Pure Poison

Asia Watch & Bracelet(gold)-Gizza

Tattoo: Human Neck Tattoo-Corvus

Clothes: Hayley Long Vest-Delirium Style

Sequin Pants in Brown(available in other colors w/phat azz appliers)-Sugar and Cyanide

Shoes: Sweakers w/Hud-Ducknipple

Prop: Handgun Baby-Demise of Flight


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