Pride and Prejudice


I’m trying to  have a efficient weekend so hopefully you will see alot of me 😛
I got to FINALLY get out my studio as SL behaved today..  when i’m busy it is easier and less time consuming to take pictures in my studio but i LOVE exploring SL and taking pictures but the lag has been killing me lately .. and making it take too long.. and now flickr is being a pest .. oh my dayzzzz! lol

anyway enjoy my lovelies ❤

Hair: Deanne Naturals hud Tameless
Skin: Emily [3] Yumyums
Make up: Juniper Lip Gloss Rose Pink – Pink Acid
Make up: Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes – Pink Acid @ She & Him
Necklace: Tisuki Necklace Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Earrings: Pearl Earring Set R+a
Shoes: AppleLeigh Nude Lindy
Bag: Book Purse (Pride and Prejudice) POSH
Dress: Nicole dress – ivory Sassy @ Stalkerazzi
Pose: Tata Curvy 5 pose+ivity

3 responses

  1. Love that dress up there!! Beautiful!

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