And Then There Was Three

Hello everyone! Am I the only one who is stupidly excited that these next few months have such awesome holidays? Naw, I am quite sure I am not, but I am already going to start going Christmas shopping for my kiddo in the month of September and that means I take it seriously. Until then I am truly enjoying the fact that fall is coming! I think it’s the few days that are just perfect, not too hot nor too cold that excites me. Oh and the simple fact that I can enjoy warm drinks with my bestie topped with pumpkin spice…YUMMY.

Onto the fashion portion to this! SLX has released a few outfits and this was one of the ones that I wanted to do first. Not only am I showing it off by myself, but these gentlemen helped me unpack all my things from the car and opened the door for me 😀 Such perfect gentlemen! This outfit comes with the dress(hud driven) necklace, bracelets, and boots. I hope you all enjoy and until next time, huggies! ❤ Saxxy

Please take a moment to remember those who were affected by the 9/11 attacks, even though it happened years ago, I remember that day like yesterday!

Surrounded by Gentlemen

Saxxy is Wearing

Hair: Froukje in Treacle-Truth Hair

Makeup: Marooned Green Winterberry Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Attire(jewelry and shoes included): Autumn 13-SLX

Location: Little Closet


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