The Bronze Saxxahontas

So yesterday I decided to stop being lazy and put effort into my attire. I go over to Ema’s and Skyla says I should so blog on this look, I take it she loved it haha. So shortly after, I go and hang out with my beaner friends(no offense, we are Mexican or  wanna be Mexicans and we call each other that all the time)and then the Dovester comments…she feels the need to pass her W2’s to my ass saying I looked like a sexy secretary bahaha, I died for a little bit. Then there was Zakk, saying I looked a bit Native American..LAWD. It was so funny to hear the different opinions on this outfit but in total I loved it and I said I shall blog on it. It is a jumpsuit from Ricielli and I love short hair so here ya have it. Enjoy your day ladies and gentlemen ❤ Saxxy

Bronze Saxxahontas_001

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Sea Hair in Black-Pelle

Eyes: Horizon Eyes in Pale Hazel-IKON

Makeup: Fruitilicious Gloss in Grenadine Lolli


Liz Eyeshadow in Apricot Gold-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Chandraki Necklace (Tigers Eye/Gold)-Earthstones

Earrings from the TEFUTEFU Set in Diamond-Mandala

Clothes: Papi Jumpsuit II in Rust-Ricielli

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