Sunshine Queen

It went up to 93F today that’s really hot for uk… my place stayed fairly cool, but now at 9pm the sun is going down.. and now iam sweating balls LMAO.. random but true..

Lets do the fashion thing 😛 LUNCHBOX_007

Hair: ManaD!va
Chloe 2 :Sugar:
Make up 1:
Candy Glass Lip Gloss 6 Pack Pop Pink – Pink Acid
Make up 2: 
My Everyday Prim Alpha Eye Makeup – 5 Pack –Pink Acid
Sunset Demon Tail:Sugar: @ Thrift Shop 2 (4th Aug)
 Crown: Purple and Pink Crown Kawaii @ Woodland Treasures Gacha event
Nails: Slink nails – My Stashe A:S:S
Ring: Silver Dolphin Rings Blue RARE Sakide @ Flux
Lunchbox: Treasure Chest [Crying Girl] Cunt Clutch LETHAL  @ She & Him (5th Aug)
Top: Baubie Hugger  Lace Pink Cynful @ The dressing room fusion
Pants:  Summer Shorts Hearts (Gang/Cold)

Location: It starts with a smile

3 responses

  1. I love that lunch box and your tail .. so adorable!

    1. Awww your so kind Thank you! 😀

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