SL Storybook Challenge 1

Hey all

Today is my first entry to the Bloggers Challange Storybook Saturday – I really wanna get into this Challenge, and work on my photo skills and creativity – ( and my own challenge of using what i have in my huge invent of stuff lol)
I worry way too much about the pictures i take i’m like 2 people fighting in my head about it..
worrying about what others think and if its good enough.. then the other side of me telling myself that as long as i enjoy what i do it doesn’t matter what others think – I have learn’t alot in pass few months so i know i should be proud and not worry about others.. I hear Saxx’s voice right now in my head haha.. Its a Virgo thing own biggest self Critic i guess .. The Theme for this turn was The Galactic Empire which i know u think star wars but iam sure it means more than just star wars.. – I don’t know much about this type of thing it’s more the boyfriends thing.. lol I thought of outer space aliens thinking i would just make it up as i went along… so hopefully its ok!.. idk! lmao
The Dress i’m wearing is for the brand new round of She&Him which starts on 5th August!

Storybook 1

Hair: BerryJuice (LeftSided) FatPack – LoQ Hair 75L$ on MP
Skin: Fragmented Love Doll Skin – Quarantine
Eyes: Arcane Eyes – by Snow
Horns: Cernwn Horns – Illusions
Make up 1: Face Tattoo Planete black – White~Widow 
Make up 2:  Deja Lips – Port wine – Pink Acid
Eyelashes: Black Extra long eyelashes – Arsnova n/a
Dress: Metallic Vamp Collection] Spiked Dress Gold (gold spikes) Modanna @ She&Him (more colours at event and 3 differnt coloured spikes in pack)

Location: Drill Factory

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