Surpassing those Signs

Good day to all, so I have been lacking inspiration as of lately, and on the one day I decide to blog everything is so frickin laggy! I struggled to take pics but I managed to get through it. Today I am showing off the newest dress from Ducknipple. It comes in a variety of colors and the sweater is Hud driven. Truth has also released three new hairs, and I pretty much need more updo’s and I loved the hair in the pic below.  Hope all of you have an awesome day and keep calm by having a popsicle or a cool drink. The sign on this tree house says “keep out”btw…pfft! ❤ Saxxy

DN sweater dress_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Qopi in Browns01-Truth Hair

Eyes: Ascension Eyes in Blue-Ikon

Makeup: Subtle Popsicle Lipgloss in Blueberry-Pink Acid for the Food Fair

A little drama eyeshadow in Smoke-Elymode

Mouth Accessory: Popsicle for mouth in BlueberryPink Acid for the Food Fair

Dress: Overdress in Blue-DN

Location: It All Starts with a Smile


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