Cozy in the Garden

Well hello to all! I am in a bit of a good mood today for some reason. I have so many things to look forward to, and the most recent would have to be my rez day! Thank you to those giving gifts early on, they are well appreciated and yes I even cried a little cause I’m a sobfest hee hee. Skyla’s bf calls me a noob still, it’s not my fault your ass is ancient mwahahaha.


So Jay released these awesome sweats and if I could, I would rock these all the time, they remind me of my RL, I love sweats! Alongside of the sweats is one of the newest sweaters from Ducknipple known as the Roomie sweater. They complimented each other for this look and both are hud driven.  I have also used a couple of poses Ally made in her Sassy Pose pack, thank you so much for allowing me to make suggestions!


A big thank you to my gorgeous friend Neriza for allowing me to shoot pics at her lovely home, I basically am going to start living there just so you know when I don’t feel like being on my own beach lol. Love ya girly! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day!


❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Wild Horses in Midnight-Exile

Eyes: Horizon Eyes V2 in Pale Glass-IKON

Makeup: Winged Vashsta Orgueil Rogue Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Top: Roomie Sweater (8 pack Hud driven)-Ducknipple

Bottoms: Cozies(Hud driven)-Sugar & Cyanide

Feet: Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet-Slink

Poses: Sassy Girl Poses(pic 1 & 3)- Something New

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