Hot Bum

Hello all, no the title does not refer to my butt although it is quite nice in these jeans O_O Thank you Beanster for bringing out the curves for this outfit! I am not naturally skinny in RL and I do adore curves when I get a chance to show them off. As of lately mesh has been eating more and more of my curves but man when I put these jeans on I was like POW! Hee Hee.

In other news I am frickin hot…literally! While typing this I’m eating a fruitare popsicle since they have become my newest addictions to kick this heat in the derriere. Anyways, I hope you all like this new, nerdy, and curvalicious outfit as much as I do from Ducknipple. Mwah! ❤ Saxxy

Bum Outfit_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Satsuma in Black- Rosy Mood

Lipwear: Isla Lipstick in Coral-League

Clothing(glasses, shoes,top,pants, and necklace):SLX Bum Outfit-SLX

Location: Image Essentials


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