She&Him (Stuff for the Guys Included!) & Insight!

This is gonna be one awesome event.. just a couple more days till opening! 😀

She & Him (LM is not open yet!)

Ribbet collage

Top: Ironic Vest Top [IN]Sight 
Pants: Declan Jeans [V2] wiv hud (Guys)  – [R3]  Coming soon @ She & Him
Tattoo: Sweet Sacrifice (unisex)  .:Boss Tattoo:. Coming soon @ She & Him
Shoes: Dunkers Mid-Shoes – Art Wall insanya

Ribbet collage2

Tattoo:  Tears Of The Dragon  (unisex) .:Boss Tattoo:. Coming soon @ She & Him
Pants:  Boxer Panties [IN]Sight  @ Fi*Fridays

Poses: Sasha Unorthodox Animations Coming soon @ She & Him

<3<3<3 Skyla xxx

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