I DO believe in Fairies!

Hey all!

So some of you might know I’m on this shopping ban for varies reasons.. RL, SL, Both have reasons why.. lmao.. and my invent is a mess! lmao.. BUT sometimes that’s fun to create out of what u have right!?.. but as you see from the picture below that means eff the clothes and get naked bahahaha.. well no it wasn’t quite like that.. Ema very kindly sent me this hair from the  Arcade Gacha .. and I thought I’ll do something with this.. i did try and find an outfit.. then i decided to sit naked with the fairies instead LMAO.. I got a necklace on at least 😛


Skin:  Opera Summertime – Essences

Make up: Juniper Lip Lip Gloss  Natural – Pink Acid

Hair: Lory Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) –  Aquatic – Wasabi Pills @ Arcade Gacha

Headband: Sequin Head Wraps Sliver –  Paper Doll

Necklace: Milla Necklace – Pure PoisonSubscribe Gift)

Location: It starts with a smile

I should be dressed next time 😛 haha

Skyla xx


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  1. awesome blog i’m glad you liked it 😀


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