Interview with AllysonDwyer (Owner of Something New)

Hello all, yes here is yet another blog, except I think I saved the best for last. I seriously do not think this woman has been given the credit she needs for her awesomeness. Therefore I am here to interview the gorgeous Ally, the mastermind behind Something New Poses and Props. This blog is long, so grab some snacks, a drink, and enjoy ❤

Ally's interview_002

How we traveled to our interview destination 😀

Ally's interview_001

Cause my interviews require relaxation..

Saxxy: Hi Ally, how are you?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : I’m good ty.

Saxxy: So you aren’t going to be all shy with your answers now are ya?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Hahahahhaa…I am shy!

Saxxy: Hmm, if you say so lol.

Saxxy: Right lets get down to business then 😀

Saxxy: Can you give me some information on Something New?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Something New came about last year when I was first trying to get a shop running, but I began with Dwyer Enterprises. At that stage I was making anything and everything from clothes, props, builds….anything I could think of. Kay Weston introduced me to Marit of KaTink( PnP at the time), I then began making props for Marit and Kay taught me to make my own poses….with her guidance and help I began focusing on props and poses. I took off from there.

Saxxy: When did you know that you wanted to make poses and props and then turn it into a business?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Oohhh good question….I loved doing photos and a few years ago I had a studio. I had billions of poses and loved getting creative and in between I built what ever I could get my hands on. I just never put the two together. So when Kay taught me how to do poses, I was able to put my creative juices together.

Saxxy: Sounds like Kay helped you a lot, I know she is a great friend 🙂

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : No way Something New would be what it is without Kay. She helped me get started, and taught me how to lay out my store. I owe a great deal to her

Saxxy: Aww, well shout out to Kay and her inspiration to Ally and many others 😀

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : That she is!

 Saxxy: Are you affiliated with any other companies when it comes to your poses?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : I still work for Marit at KaTink, a lot of my props are there and I make some poses for her when she asks. Never forget your roots I say 🙂

Saxxy: Do you see yourself perhaps expanding to other affiliates?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : I have never considered it….I’m just happy doing what I do and love making poses and props.

Saxxy: Ok fair enough 🙂

Saxxy: What inspires you for your work?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Ooohhhhhh mostly how my SL affects me. If im happy then I make cute and affectionate poses. If I’m not in a good place…well u get poses pushing people off cliffs lol

Saxxy: LOL I remember that one quite clear *clears throat* Ema

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Lol. I love themes and Halloween is my favourite.

Saxxy: I love how you incorporate your feelings through your work, makes it seem very genuine 🙂

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Well it’s who I am I guess. I use my creativeness to make and design, so it has to come from within me.

Saxxy: Yes, and it radiates through your props!

Saxxy: Where do you see yourself and your business within the next 5 yrs?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Still in SL LOL

Saxxy: Plain and simple I get to see you for that many more years!

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : I love making and designing so for as long as I can I will be here

Saxxy: Ok now the next couple of questions is for us to know a little bit more about you 🙂

Ally's interview_003

 Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : sure

Saxxy: What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : I love going dancing with my fav girls…. ( I do work a lot though) I also enjoy spending time with my handsome Tommie, he means so much to me, and our time zones may be different, but somehow we make it work.

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : But I have some close and wonderful friends (you included) and I have my SL family. I have two wonderful kids I love and my daughter in law.

Saxxy: Yes, and I am very lucky and I am sure many others feel the same, to have you in our lives ❤

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Well, they all make me feel special….I just give in return what’s even to me.

Saxxy: Now if you don’t mind sharing, where is the beautiful Ally from?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Sydney Australia

 Saxxy: . ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ☆ ωoot ωoot!

Saxxy: Down Unda Ladies & Gents

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : oi oi oi

Saxxy: How did you find out about SL?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Actually it was my RL aunt.

Saxxy: :O

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Yeah she found it and kept nagging me to join lol.

Saxxy: Aww, well so glad you did 😀

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Me too most days lol.

Saxxy: Do you have a SL role model?
Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Lol….easy, Kay Weston my rl bestie.

Saxxy: Aww, kinda knew the answer after the first part of the interview 🙂

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Lol

Saxxy: If you could have one wish come true, what would it be within the world of SL?

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Ooohhhhhh….honestly I dont know, I’m pretty happy with what I have. I want my friends and family all to be happy….

Saxxy: I love your answer, it’s one of my biggest wishes too 🙂

 Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : It’s cause you’re just wonderful too.

 Saxxy: We have such huge hearts flowing with love is all lol!

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : yusssssssssssss lol

Saxxy: Thank you so much Ally for your time and patience with my crazy ass.

Ally Ɗwyǝr ℜуηǝ : Hahahhahaa..I love that crazy ass of yours :-p

Saxxy: LOL ditto

Ally's interview_005

If anyone is interested in Ally’s incredible work, the link for Something New will be provided below-Saxxy

Thank you Ally for creating this pose for me, and for those who don’t know what it either fall or get caught, depends how much you trust that person 😀

Something New


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  1. Awesome blog and i love that pose at the end :}

  2. Yews looks like Twins lolz..

  3. I just noticed we do :O

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