Storm in a teacup

Hey.. I finally got slink mesh hands thanks to my Squishy (Saxx) .. so ofc that meant new skin..from Adam and Eve i had never been there before.. but i heart my face!  lmao.. so i thought i would show that off.. then truth had new releases and this is what i ended up with hahaha.. so yeah just a quick post now.. but i’m pretty sure your gonna see me again today.. special blog with the wifey is planned!! 😀


Skin: Bethany Skin T2 Pale – Adam and Eve
(In store  appliers for lolas and slink hands/feet)

nude11Hair: Storm – Truth (both pics)
Hands:  Enhancement Hand Casual – Slink

Pose2: Delicate 2Demise of Flight

Till later my lovlies – Skyla xxx

My pictures are edited, try things for yourselfs.. ( I wish my butt looked like that in SL!!! lmao)


3 responses

  1. […] Credits and more pics here!!! Click […]

  2. Wish my butt looked like that in real!! Hahaa!

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