Mag<3.B. on the beach.

Hey all,

The Lovely Magritta from Mag<3.B. sent me her new beachwear to blog for you awesome people, its a really nice collection .. and i recommended checking it out.. her store also as vary of other things too 😀 ..

There is 2 different styles in the collection.. each comes in a varity of colours also.

Beachwear: Becca* Miami – Mag<3.B. 
Set incs: Outfit, Shoes, Hat (and bag not pictured)    
Other versions of this set available: Bora Bora, Rio &  Ibiza


Beachwear: Hello Sailor, Gold – Mag<3.B. 
Set incs: Outfit, Shoes, Hat, Ring (for hand or waist)
Other Versions of this set available: Black, Navy, Pink & Rouge

Location: It starts with a smile

Skyla xxx

3 responses

  1. so cute, especially the second outfit ♥

  2. lol Danke you Ema! lol

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