Needing a Push

“NOOOOOOOOO EMA!” she exclaimed, and that “she” will be me Saxx. Why did I need a bit of a push, well lets see me pushing Ema off a cliff wouldn’t be scary, this woman works on roofs and stuff, I am extremely afraid of heights and on top of that I messed up my shape this past weekend and saved it as an original and deleted it’s original packaging…*facepalms*

This is the newest pose from Something New and although it’s purpose for it was completely different, well, there will always be that someone who will need an extra “push” lol.

Thanks Ema for pushing my butt off a cliff!-Saxxy

Off a Cliff_001

Our faces are priceless :O

Off a Cliff_002


Off a Cliff_003

Pose: Just a Pat on the Back-Something New

Inquiries about clothing may be asked in the comment box if needed 🙂


4 responses

  1. LMAO so funny and the pics came out great! And you are way braver then me Sax. It takes a bit of bravery to get on roofs and stuff and fix things, do “man’s work” but it takes REAL courage to be a mother 😀

    1. i agree id really does but being a woman and doing all the shit we do the good the bad and the ugly is eaqually brave we are amazing lets face it:))

  2. You just made my day 🙂

  3. and im loving this post yeah i constantly need tho odd hard push im sure most my close family would agree xxx

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