The Need to Dress Up or Dress Down

Demise of Flight has a few new releases and the few pieces I fell in love with was Nikki’s dresses. The Paige and Jerrah Shirt Dresses are awesome being that I can dress up or dress down. The Paige dress can be worn elegantly or in a casual setting, of course I love elegant so I chose that approach for today. The Jerrah Shirt Dresses I love beause I wear stuff like this in rl by itself, with leggings, or with jeans. Both dresses come in a variety of colors to meet your needs.

On a final note, please be careful with hackers, I had a bad experience today along with Ema….don’t click any foreign link from friends and especially strangers. Love-Saxxy

Paige Dress_001

Paige Dress in Meadow

Paige Dress_002

Paige Dress in Snow

Jerrah Shirt Dresses_001

Jerrah Shirt Dress in Navy (front)

Jerrah Shirt Dresses_002

Jerrah Shirt Dress in Cranberry (back view)



Pic 1 & 2-Rosie in Jet Black-Amacci Hair

Pic 3– Cheyenne in Lava-Truth

Pic 4– Inverted in Almost Goth-Lelutka


Paige & Jerrah Shirt Dresses-Demise of Flight

Earrings: Custom color canary in the Margrethe Set-Artistry by E

(having a 50% off sale at Artistry)

2 responses

  1. gimme that kitty! :=3 So cute. I love the meadow dress. You look gorgeous standing in front of the fountain.

    1. Thank you Ema, been trying to find this fountain and no luck 😦 I looked up the creator and the mp now Im gonna try and find an inworld store.

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