My SL Guilty Confessions Meme

Good day to all, this meme is probably the most challenging  thus far. It is a bit complicating because I have too many guilty confessions, it would feel like I am confessing in front of a priest to rid me of my sins lol. I will do the basics for today though, and not cause any damages to our viewers mental state and their eyes haha.

Guilty shot_002

  1. I am a house hoarder O_O-It never fails, every time I go shopping, if I am not buying another frickin house, I am shopping for the house. I have folders in other folders with houses because of all the land hopping I have done over the course of my sl life. Thankfully, I found a place worth sticking around and hasn’t changed the house in a while.
  2. I am addicted to beach sims-maybe it comes from being a Florida girl, but I love water, waterfalls, the skyline, bon fires, and etc. If I am not hanging out at my house, with friends, or at work, I can usually be found at a beach sim.
  3. I have a fear of asking for ANYTHING-while there are those who have no problem asking for stuff on sl from creators or even friends, I have this overwhelming fear of even asking for a damn linden. I have serious pride issues, and I am thankful I have people within my sl life that see past that and will offer their help from time to time if I need it.
  4. I love a good argument-I would like to say that having a calm argument with people on SL does not seem to happen, I have tried and has failed! If I am around my friends Ema or Skyla they know how defensive people can be, and one thing I don’t tolerate is bullying. So if a group of people wants to start shit, I can take em on all at once or with Ema cause she tends to say stuff I won’t think about during and only after an argument lol. I always have my maligna hud on as well for anyone who gets too close to me as well…..don’t cross that personal space line, just saying.
  5. I do not like to have an inventory over 30,000-It’s like it is a trigger number for me cause once I see it, I start working on my inventory. I have a bad habit of not wearing stuff more then once within SL, but trying to let it go kinda hurts during cleaning lol. I feel that things that are given should be cherished as much as possible, and that is where I have problems letting go, but I eventually do.
  6. I feel uncomfortable being naked…AH!-I kinda have this issue in rl where I have insecurities and yes I could have a gorgeous avatar and still hates being naked! I guess that is one thing I was never a show off at…I think another reason is because I feel that people need to earn that trust from me…where I have my partner in crime Skyla who will get naked in no time lol (I love ya freckles :D)
  7. I love being in relationships…but-As much as I love being in an sl relationship, this is seriously how messed up I am, I love the idea of being in a relationship but I have a fear of commitment. I think this is because I have been screwed over so much, I kinda feel that I need to rush out of one if they get too close lol. I hate being hurt in either world but because I cannot see a person on sl face to face it is easier for me to detach if I need to.
  8. I got around as a noob lmfao!-Maybe this should be a secret but what fun would that be, I think this is why I can actually live without boning another avatar lol. Like most I have met, yes we believed in the art of pixel sex, and hell yes I enjoyed it as it got my fantasies out of the way, and some don’t care for it, but I always try something once…in this case was more than that haha. So yeah they say you can’t turn a “ho” into a housewife…it’s bull cause um, I’m living proof baby mwahahaha! (Don’t judge me :P)

It took some guts to write about this, but I enjoyed this meme, and thank you so much Strawberry for allowing us to express our inner feelings or experiences on these meme’s!

Enjoy your day everyone-Saxxy ❤

I am wearing:

Hair: Tenille in Chocolate-Truth Hair

Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Denim(was a group gift)-IKON

Top(really part of a dress): Savage Garden Dress in Red Apple(jacket layer)-The Sea Hole(she has closed)

Shorts: Aimee Tailored Ribbon Shorts in Yellow-Tee*fy for Collabor88

Shoes: Flats in Dark Taupe from the Merino Leggings and flats outfit-*League*

Hands: Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 1-SLink

Location: Salt Water


3 responses

  1. LOL I could have confessed almost all of those! The only time I will ever ask for anything is if my Linden balance goes to -1 and I ask a friend to pay me 1L to restore the balance. I always pay it back! Oh, and if possible, I prefer to log on my alt to pay myself so I don’t have to ask 😀

    1. LOL that is the only time I ask pretty much is when sl lag is beating my account for its money. I never thought about the alt thing O_O yay!!

      1. Yay! I always make sure she has a few L’s on hand. I had to use her four times when I finally made it to the Truth sale and there was NO way I was logging out once I got there!

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