It is kinda late for me but just passing time by before Ema and I go scrambling about at Fi Friday 🙂 So while I was finally done procrastinating of putting my studio up in the air, Nikki from Demise of Flight sent me a couple of things that will be featured at the Garage Fair.

In her description of her hud driven tanks, she said they were “made to fit like a glove” and she was right, and the most awesome part about it is that I did NOT have to alter my shape, I cannot speak for everyone but that is pretty amazing! Alongside of those tanks were these “whatever” poses that will also be available so keep an eye out for the garage fair that will be happening in the future. Until then go hard with whatever it is you are doing. Yes Rihanna inspired my ass today!-Hugs Saxxy

Garage Fair_001


garage fair_002


garage fair_004


garage fair_003


garage fair_005

I LOVE these shoes! Thanks so much Aiyana!

Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: Hair 009 in Blacks-eep

Glasses: Rockin Mesh Spiked Sunglasses in Black-Pure Poison

Lipwear: Deja Lipgloss V2 in Merlot-Pink Acid

Jewelry: Necklace: Multi-cross Necklace-Cute Poison

Bangles: Pure Temptation

Tank: Mechanic Tank-Demise of Flight for the Garage Fair(lm not available yet)

Skirt: Bridget Denim Mini in Black-Demise of Flight

Shoes: Janie Black-Latreia

Poses: Whatever Poses-Demise of Flight for the Garage Fair(lm not available yet)


2 responses

  1. :O the saxxxy beast is smooooking! (in Jim Carrey’s voice)

    1. Hahaha yay 😀 thank you

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